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1st Year

  • Measurements, Units And Dimensions: We can expect 1-2 bits in this chapter. (Better to learn basics and leave the chapter for slow learners)
  • Elements of Vectors: In this Chapter we can expect 2-3 bits, this chapter is the subset of the vectors in Mathematics so learning this chapter in Mathematics can be useful even in Physics
  • Kinematics: The most easy topic - just a few formulae and any problem can be solved. Important models include not only but also Pulley-Rope Problems, Block Problems etc. In this chapter 2-3 Questions are expected.
  • Dynamics: In this chapter, we can expect 3-4 questions. Concentrating on Kinetic Energy and Potential Energy, at least 1-2 problems can be answered.
  • Collisions: A mark can easily be scored if the chapter is given a little attention. Topics like Co-efficient of Restitution are favorite topics for examiners.
  • Center of Mass (CM): Another mark is for sure from this topic.
  • Friction: 1-2 marks are expected off this topic. Slightly tricky. Easy if understood. Difficult otherwise.
  • Rotatory Motion: 1-2 Questions expected. Even from the Engineering syllabus point of view, the primary topic in the 1st Year of Engineering is based on this topic. So be sure to get grip on Moment of Inertia Problems.
  • Gravitation: Simple topic. Can expect 1 bit from this chapter. Formulae is everything
  • Simple Harmonic Motion (SHM): Roughly has 3-4 Models in the entire syllabus. Concentrate on Fundamentals.
  • Elasticity: 1 Bit is expected and it is based on basic formula that is within the reach of the syllabus.
  • Temperature And Thermal Expansion of Materials: 1-2 bits are expected from this chapter.
  • Thermo Dynamics: 1 bit is expected and will be based on a very basic formula in most cases.
  • Transmission of Heat, Surface Tension: 3 bits expected from these 2 chapters. Only basic formulae and can easily be scored.

2nd Year

  • Fluid Mechanics: Problems are based on Bernoulli's theorem. 2 questions are expected from this chapter.
  • Wave Motion: String Laws, Vibrating Strings, Harmonics etc., we can expect a theory bit for this chapter. So 2-3 questions from this unit.
  • Optics: One of the most important topics next only to Current Electricity. 2-3 Questions are expected from this chapter.
  • Physical Optics: 2-3 bits are expected. Topics like polarization phenomenon are important.
  • Magnetism: 3-4 easy bits expected from this chapter.
  • Electronics: One of the important topics. 3-4 bits expected from this chapter.
  • Current Electricity: A large number of problems are expected from this chapter. 1 bit is for sure in computing the net resistance in a given circuit.
  • Thermo Electricity: Seebeck Effect, Thomson's Effect etc., a bit is expected in theory of this chapter.
  • Electromagnetics: 3-4 bits are expected from this chapter as a large variety of problems can be asked.
  • Atomic Physics: 1 bit is expected from this chapter from topics like Nuclear Fusion, Nuclear Fission, Characteristic X-Ray Spectra, Moseley's Law and its importance etc.
  • Nuclear Physics: 1 bit is for sure in this chapter. Mostly a theory bit.
  • Semi-Conductor Devices, Communication Systems: 2-3 bits expected from these chapters. Can be general also.

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