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Algebra: In algebra, we may expect upto 13 marks from this topic.

  1. Functions - Type of Functions - Algebra of real valued functions :- An Important Chapter, 1 or more bits expected from this topic
  2. Mathematical Induction and Applications :- No bit is expected directly from this chapter. But its principles may be useful later.
  3. Permutations and Combinations - Linear and Circular Permutations - Combinations :- 3-4 Questions Expected. Concentrate on standard models.
  4. Binomial Theorem - For a positive Integral Index - For any Rational Index - Applications - Binomial Co-efficients :- 2 bits expected on binomial theorem. Also, this topic has its extension in Engineering. So worthy to concentrate on it.
  5. Partial Fractions :- May not be directly but its applications are highly useful in complex arithmatic problem solving.
  6. Exponential and Logarithmic Series :- 1 Question is expected from this topic.
  7. Quadratic Expressions, Equations and Inequations in one variable :- 2-3 Problems expected from this topic. Problems involving calculation of number of +ve and -ve roots need much attention.
  8. Theory of Equations :- 1-2 Problems expected from this topic.
  9. Matrices :- One of the most easiest topic of all and 100% marks can be scored in this topic with little concentration.. 3-4 bits are expected from all the Matrices related topics.
  10. Complex Numbers and their Properties :- A topic having great importance in AIEEE. 1-2 bits are expected from this

Trignonometry: A total of 12-17 bits are expected from all the topics in trigonometry (including applications)

  1. Trigonometric functions - Graphs -Periodicity :- Can expect 1 bit from this topic
  2. Trigonometric Ratios of Compound Angles, Multiple and Sub Multiple Angles :- 1-2 bits are expected
  3. Trigonometric Equations :- 2 bits are expected from this topic
  4. Inverse Trigonometric Functions :- 1-2 bits can be expected. More emphasis must be laid on basic formulae.
  5. Hyperbolic and Inverse Hyperbolic Functions :- 2 bits are expected. Concentrate more on the formulae.
  6. Properties of Triangles :- 1-2 bits can be expected.
  7. Heights and Distances (in 2-D plane) :- 1 bit is for sure and it will be very easy if you know the basics.

Vector Algebra: 10-13 bits are expected in all from this whole topic

  1. Algebra of Vectors :- We may expect 3-4 problems from the topics of Vector Equations, Plane Equations etc
  2. Scalar and Vector Product of two vectors and applications :- 3-4 bits are expected on this topics including a theory bit.
  3. Scalar and Vector triple products - Scalar and Vector products of four vectors :- 3 bits expected.

Probability: 12-15 Bits are expected from this topic. It is an interesting topic if understood. Can turn into a nightmare otherwise.

  1. Random Experiments - Sample Space - Events - Probability of an Event - Addition and Multiplication Theorems of probability - Baye's Theorem :- 5-6 problems expected from these topics. Concentrate more on standard problems.
  2. Random Variables - Mean and Variance of a Random Variable - Binomial and Poisson Distributions :- Theory bits are expected. In the Engineering point of view, these topics have a major role to play in scientific calculations and estimations. So read it for knowledge purpose.

Coordinate Geometry: A few formulae and their applications skill will fetch you 15 marks from this topic.

  1. Locus - Translation of Axes - Rotation of Axes :- 1 bit is expected.
  2. Straight Line - Pair of Straight Lines - Circles - System of Circles - Conics - Parabola - Hyperbola - Equations of tangent - Normal and Polar at any point of these conics :- 5-6 bits are expected from all these topics. A little understanding of the fundamentals and good memory of the formulae helps you in gaining these 5 or 6 marks easily.
  3. Polar Coordinates :- 1 bit is expected
  4. Coordinates in 3-D - Distance between two points in space - Section formula and Applications :- We expect 2 bits from these topics
  5. Direction Cosines and Direction Ratios of a line - Angle between two lines :- 1 bit is expected.
  6. Cartesian Equation of a Plane :- 1 bit may be expected
  7. Sphere - Cartesian Equation - Center and Radius :- 1 bit is expected.

Calculus: 11-14 marks are surely expected from this chapter.

  1. Functions - Limits - Continuity :- 1 Mark Expected
  2. Differentiation - Methods of Differentiation :- 1 or no bit is expected directly.
  3. Successive Differentiation - Leibnitz's theorem and applications :- 1 bit may be expected and it can be a theory bit.
  4. Applications of Differentiation - Partial Differentiation including Euler's Theorem on homogeneous functions :- 1 or no bit is expected.
  5. Integration - Methods of Integration :- Heart of Calculus, 2-3 problems are expected on integrations and they can be a bit complex to solve. Concentrate on Integration Formulae.
  6. Definite Integrals and their Applications to areas - Reduction Formulae :- 1-2 bits are expected.
  7. Numerical Integration - Trapezoidal and Simpson's Rules :- 1-2 Problems may be asked
  8. Differential Equations :- This is another important topic for future and we can expect 4-5 bits.

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